Electric guitar is one of the most famous of all the musical instruments now-a-days. You will find no musicians and musical bands without it. This instrument has given musical industry a new dimension and is increasingly being played in almost all performances. Anyone who is in love with music playing is in love with these electric guitars. So this article sponsored by www.GuitarsVibe.com is going to give you an idea that what an electric guitar is and what are its basic components. Also, it will give a brief overview of the functions of the basic components of an Electric Guitar.

First of all, as the name suggests, an electric guitar is just like an ordinary guitar having the electricity feature. The electric component associated with it gives it a real power. The vibrations of an electric guitar get picked up and are powered by an amplifier. The connection between guitar and the amplifier is established using a guitar cable. When you play this guitar, the waves of vibration travel along the string of the guitar and get picked up by the pickup where these get converted from mechanical to electrical impulses. Normally there are 2-3 pickups which also have associated switches with them. The switches control that which sound effect is going to be produced. Similarly there are many other kinds of knobs, volume controls and other tone dials which are going to be explained here.

  1. Pickups: these pickups are basically interfaces between the guitar and the amplifier. It actually is a coil which is wound around a magnet. The magnet is used to detect the waves which in turn is used to transmit the impulses to the coil. This coil then transmits the impulses in the form of electric impulses to the amplifier. This in result produces the sound which you hear when electric guitar is played. This sound gets higher as the volume is increased and often causes irritation. A hum buckler is the one which is used to control this sound.

  1. The Tuners: the tuners are used to tune the strings of the guitar and are located on the upper head of the guitar. In the guitars where there are whammy bars, these tuners are present on the base.

  1. Knobs & Dials: the electric guitars normally have 3 knobs. The first knob is used to control the volume of guitar. The other two knobs control the base and the treble effects of it.

  1. Whammy Bar: It is used to alter the guitar pitch and is an optional part of the guitar and not an essential one. The pitch can be altered as highest to the lowest.

These are the basic components of the guitar and are necessary to understand because if you want to be a guitar player, you need to understand the basic components. Just like a good driver needs to learn about the basic parts of the car. There might be some more components on the more advanced versions of the guitar but the basic ones remain the same as already briefed in this article.